Legendary Steinway Model A 3 Restored 2014

Steinway Model A3(6 of 10)

This rare Model A 3 is like a Steinway B model was made in 1917 and is sought after classic by accomplished pianists.

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Steinway Art Case Model A Fully Restored 2014

Steinway Model A, Ebony, Victorian  (2 of 5)

Wonderful Art Case Steinway Model A is gorgeous! Sound is exquisite and the touch is light.

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Steinway Model D Restored in 2014

Steinway D for Sale

Fancy European look Steinway Model D

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Classic Steinway Model M Restored 2014

Steinway M Side View

This classic Mahogany Steinway M completed restoration in 2014.

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Steinway 1915 Model M Restored 2014

Steinway Model M, Ebony,  (4 of 22)

The Model M Golden Age Steinway is considered by some to be the perfect size piano for home or studio use.

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Victorian Steinway Model B with Sound Clip

1901 Art Case

Steinway Model B Victorian Art Case in a beautiful fully restored mahogany finish.

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Restored Steinway Model A with Sound Clip


This Steinway A 2’s wonderful deep size projects a luscious sound, with a fast action

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Restored Steinway L HOLIDAY 2014 SALE

Restored Steinway Model L for Sale

This 1964 Steinway Model L has that classic Steinway sound is is fully rebuilt.

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Although new Steinway pianos continue to be the best in the world, their pianos were designed to last for decades, and our restoration process is meticulous, rigorous, and complete. Used Steinway pianos are rebuilt with genuine factory parts and are transformed into “Vintage/New” or “Contemporary/New” and you can purchase them with ought the extraordinary high mark-up you might pay at other dealer sources. You can save thousands of dollars on Steinway pianos with fabulous sound, spectacular finishes, and the highest quality rebuild by experienced technicians.The Steinway pianos for sale at The Piano Store are evaluated and selected for superior tone , action, case condition, and soundboard quality. They generally come from California homes and estates. The West coast humidity and atmosphere is best for choosing pianos to restore.

Piano Store

Before visiting a piano store it is helpful to determine the size, model and finish of the piano you will purchase for your home. Consider the size of the space allowed for the piano you are searching for. Steinway grands range in size from 5′ 1″ to just short of 9 feet, so finding the right size piano is easy. It's accepted in the piano industry that the larger the piano, the finer the tone. A quality soundboard on a grand piano allows the strings to vibrate freely in a longer space and projects a richer tone than a smaller piano. Why choose a new or used Korean, Chinese, or Japanese machine built piano when, for the same price, and, in many cases, less, you could own a completely restored to perfection Steinway piano. Steinways are hand built, and have that sublime American sound. Visit us or send an independent tuner to evaluate our pianos, if you are out of our city. We ship free! See, hear and feel the power of the world’s most beloved instrument.